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Water Safety Comes First

Research, Development and Worldwide Distribution of the World's First

Widely Adaptable, ELCI/GFCI Monitored, Multi Stage, Submersible Pumping System with these virtues:

1) Engineered, designed and built for the absolute least nuisance tripping.

2) Every pumping system 100% custom built to order on our modern, quality controlled assembly line.

3) Virtually a "plug n play" system.

4) Comprehensive range of options including the toughest, most durable non-metal armored pump cable ever created, custom injection molded super polymers, toughest grades of piping beyond PVC, super effective output filtration, superlative intake screening, remote notifications to smartphone in development, etc.

5) World class pump shroud/strainer/silt trap/frame, spectacular new industry design.

6) Total system packages adhering to current NEC rules as well as CSA or UL recognized safety standards issued to the equipment vendors we choose carefully.

7) Relentless obsession to quality - when only the absolute best will do.

Ultimately, when we asked ourselves, our consciences prevailed:    

If you won't lead  - Who else will ?


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